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Using the user flow wizard

To quickly make some of the most used user flows, you can use the user flow wizard.

How to use the user flow wizard

  1. Go to design and then user flows:
  1. Start by clicking the add button and choosing add user flow with wizard:
  1. You can now choose which type of user flow you want to add:

Types of user flows

There are 5 different types to choose from:

  1. Overview, add edit and delete data allows you to make a user flow based on a data item, such as Task, or Project, and creates an overview page with a delete button and add and edit pages.
  2. Excel import generates a user flow which users can use to import data from an Excel sheet, that matches the data items in your application. Users can only import data items that are marked as importable.
  3. User management can be used to create a user flow for managing the users of your application.
  4. Roles and permissions creates roles and permissions that can be used to limit access of users to certain areas of your application.
  5. Profile lets you generate a simple profile page where users can change their name and password.