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Building a user flow from scratch

When you have created some user flows using the wizard you are ready to create a user flow from scratch. User flows that you build from scratch can cover a very wide variety of use cases, from a simple form that stores some data to complete booking wizards for digital events for example. The basics however, are always the same.

How to build a user flow from scratch

  1. Go to design and then user flows:
  1. Then, click the add button and choose to add an empty user flow:
  1. A new, empty user flow will be created and opened.
  2. Now go into add mode by clicking the add button.
  3. Select the start and then click the attached add button:
  1. In the dialog that opens you can then select what you want to add to the user flow:
  1. You can add decisions, flow parts and pages.

The user flow is like a process that the user can follow. In every step you add, you can use all data that is available at that point in the user flow. For example, if you have added a flow part that has as an output the number of tasks of a user, you can use this number in any step after that. This means you can use it in decisions, as inputs for flow parts you add or on pages to display or even to filter data that is shown!

Each path in a user flow has to end on a page. If you leave a path open, Triggre will indicate that you have an inconsistency in your design by showing a red indicator.

Tip: Experiment with adding decisions and buttons for pages to allow the user to take different paths in your user flow.