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How to make a link to another user flow

When you have an application in which you have made several user flows, you may want to connect one user flow to another. For example, if you have a user flow that allows users to edit a project, you may want to link to that editing functionality from another user flow. This prevents you having to build the same logic twice.

Linking to another user flow

  1. Open the user flow to link from to another user flow.
  2. Go into add mode by pressing the add button.
  3. A new, empty user flow will be created and opened.
  4. Select the page to link from:
  1. Click the green add button and name the button that will be added, in our case Edit task:
  1. We want the button to apply to a selected task on the page:
  1. Select No additional rule applies.
  2. Sort your buttons any way you like if you have multiple buttons.
  3. In this step select Connect to an existing page, decision or flow part in another user flow:
  1. Now select which user flow you want to navigate to. In our case, this is All tasks:
  1. Then, select which page, decision or flow part in the user flow you want to navigate to:
  1. We select Edit task as we want the user to edit the task they have selected in the My tasks user flow.
  2. Triggre now checks the other user flow to see which values are available on the item you linked to. You can supply a value from the current user flow to each of these. This way, you can transfer data from the current user flow, to the one you link to:
  1. In general, the further the item you link to is in your user flow, the more values you will have to supply. In our case, it is just the Selected Task on Table as that is the value that the edit page uses to edit.
  2. Click the value to supply, and then select a value for it from the current user flow:
  1. Since our My tasks user flow also has an overview page with a table of Tasks, we choose to select the selected task on that page.
  2. You now have a link to another user flow, which is shown as a dashed link:

Note that you can only link to other user flows after a page, by using a button. You cannot link to another user flow after a flow part or after a decision.