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Using connection triggers

Triggre can be connected to external applications by using connection triggers in automation flows.

Whenever you make an automation flow using a connection trigger, Triggre will build a way for other applications to connect to yours. To make an automation flow with a connection trigger, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new automation flow.
  2. Add a trigger by clicking the add button.
  3. Select connection trigger.

One special thing that connection triggers have, is that they allow inputs and outputs. These can only be property types (e.g. any text, number, date, etc).

Inputs allow the external application to send data to your application. Outputs are used to send information back to the external application, for example the result of a calculation.

In your automation flow you can process the input data in any way you like, using your flow parts and decisions. Common scenarios are allowing external applications to get a list of email addresses, or to create a new data item in your application.